Our Board is accountable to all stakeholders for the Company’s activities and responsible for the effectiveness of corporate governance. The Board is committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance to facilitate the success of the Company.

As a Company we believe that good governance involves establishing appropriate policies, procedures and guidelines to underpin our ability to deliver our strategy. It involves ensuring that the Company’s core values and standards are embedded within the Group, whilst allowing each division to operate within a decentralised, empowering environment. The Board’s stewardship and scrutiny of these matters and its role in providing constructive challenge to the executive team is critical. Equally important is the Board’s work in formulating the risk management strategy of the Group and monitoring its effectiveness.

Full details can be found in the directors report section of the 2016 annual report.


Failure by employees to observe the appropriate standards of integrity and conduct in dealing with clients, suppliers and other stakeholders

  • Reputational damage
  • Failure to adapt and innovate to deliver client expectations
  • Exposure to potential fines/liability for regulation or legislation breaches
  • Inability to win contracts and reduced opportunity for growth
  • Implementation of Perfect Delivery philosophy across the Group
  • Regular client and stakeholder engagement
  • Independent raising concerns helpline available for all employees
  • Ethics policy communicated to all employees
  • Training in place to ensure awareness of and compliance with both completion law and the Bribery Act
  • Internal and external audit
  • Reputation enhancement as an ethical, client-focused organisation
  • Ability to win work and attract talented employees