Material issues

There is constant change in the markets in which we operate; particularly regarding sustainability and corporate responsibility. To ensure that we listen to and learn from our key stakeholder groups, a comprehensive stakeholder engagement survey was undertaken in December 2015. This is the second time we have undertaken such an exercise, the first being in 2013. Some significant changes in client, supplier and employee thinking have occurred in the meantime; as our research discovered.

Over 1,500 employees and more than 370 external stakeholders took part in the research, which focused on identifying the sustainability issues that are material to each stakeholder group. The results will help to shape our Responsible Business Reporting, which will be delivered using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 reporting framework.

As a result of the extensive stakeholder engagement undertaken during 2015, both online and through our highly successful stakeholder panels, we have reviewed our sustainability strategy and targets, taking into account short, medium and long-term goals.

View our 2015 survey on material issues here.