Our approach

The Group has made great progress over the past five years towards becoming a more responsible business. The sustainability strategy we set in 2011 has delivered significant benefits to our clients, suppliers, employees and also to us as a business. With the key environmental aspects now being measured and managed with high levels of confidence and certainty, our focus is shifting more to what more we can do on the social agenda.

Listening to our stakeholders

We listen to our stakeholders to understand their needs and concerns and what we learn from them is reflected in how we run our business.  We aim to offer exceptional customer experiences with the highest standards of project delivery for our clients.  We treat our suppliers with respect and in turn seek exemplary labour, health, safety and environmental standards from them. We invest in and support our employees to ensure career development, health and safety standards and a client-focussed attitude. 

We believe that this approach helps ensure our continued success as a business, which benefits all our stakeholders.

Who’s responsible?

At Group level

Graham Edgell, our Group director of sustainability and procurement, is responsible for driving our responsible business strategy and making sure each division integrates it into their business strategy. He sets measurable targets incorporating minimum standards and ensures that best practice is shared across all parts of the Group.

At divisional level

Each division has its own sustainability forum that reports direct to Graham Edgell on their performance against targets. Every employee is made aware of the Group’s responsible business strategy and the part they can play in helping to implement it.

How we report

Our 2015 annual report contains a high level summary of our approach to being a responsible business as well as details of our annual performance against our key performance indicators.  Regular updates on progress will be reported on our website.

We adhere to the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative’s (‘GRI’) G4 reporting standard. Our 2015 G4 technical supplement is currently being updated.

Managing risk

We identify and regularly review all the risks that may affect our performance. This analysis also highlights opportunities for improving the business. The principal risks and opportunities are available in summary here.

“We act responsibly because it’s the right thing to do and the hard work of every employee is now beginning to deliver some exciting and significant benefits to society, the environment and our business. A responsible business is a good business. And a good business is a profitable business.”

Graham Edgell

Group Director of Sustainability and Procurement