Our approach

As a large construction and regeneration Group, keeping people safe and protecting and improving the environment are fundamental priorities for us.  

We engage regularly with our stakeholders to understand their priorities and our 2015 materiality survey highlighted that creating social value had risen to the top of their agenda.  Our stakeholders believe that addressing safety and environmental issues are now part of the normal course.

We are committed to making sure that our construction and regeneration schemes have positive impacts on local communities.  Much of our work is carried out in partnership with, or on behalf of, public sector organisations, and we assist where we can in fulfilling their obligations under the Social Value Act to deliver wider social, economic and environmental benefits.

Who’s responsible?

At Board level

Our health, safety and environment committee assists the Board in overseeing the Group's responsible business strategy, and recommends any necessary changes.  The committee’s terms of reference include responsibility for reviewing the responsible business strategy.

At Group level

Graham Edgell, our Group director of sustainability and procurement, is responsible for driving our responsible business strategy and making sure each division integrates it into their business strategy. Graham chairs our sustainability steering group whose members include representatives from all divisions.  The steering group is responsible for reviewing latest trends and initiatives, monitoring performance against our Total Commitments and ensuring that best practice is shared across the Group.

At divisional level

Each division has its own sustainability forum that reports direct to the sustainability steering group on their performance. Every employee is made aware of the Group’s Total Commitments and the part they can play in achieving the targets.

How we report

Our 2016 annual report contains a high level summary of our responsible business approach.  Regular updates on performance against targets will be reported in the respective Total Commitments sections on our website.

We adhere to the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) G4 reporting standard. Our 2016 G4 technical supplement is currently being updated.

Managing risk

We identify and regularly review all the risks that may affect our performance. This analysis also highlights opportunities for improving the business. The principal risks and opportunities are available in summary here.

“Acting responsibly is about conducting ourselves ethically, but it's also about creating social, economic and environmental value in the communities where we work.  This approach is embedded in our culture and underpins everything we do.”

Graham Edgell

Group Director of Sustainability and Procurement