Our Total Commitments

The Group's Total Commitments are designed to create value for all stakeholders engaged in or affected by our activities, as well as improving the environment.

Protecting people

Keeping people safe and reducing the number of incidents on sites, in offices, on journeys to and from work, and in the wider environment is of paramount importance to the Group.  We also have a wider responsibility to ensure the health and safety of subcontractors, suppliers and the general public who have any contact with our projects.

Developing people

It is vital that we employ the right people with the right skills and offer a variety of training and career development opportunities.  Ensuring that our employees have the correct skills and abilities to meet future market demands and emerging technologies is an essential investment in the Group's future.

Improving the environment

By its very nature construction has an impact on the environment through the use of raw materials, the construction process and the lifespan of the building.  Reducing the environmental impact of our operations has commercial as well as environmental benefits.

Working together with our supply chain

Over 80% of our total spend is through our supply chain, meaning that how we procure and what we procure can have a significant impact on our sustainability performance.  We will continue to engage and educate our suppliers on responsible business practices, while ensuring the quality, cost competitiveness and responsible sourcing of goods and services.

Enhancing communities

We strive to deliver long-term improvements and minimise construction impacts on all our projects.  We will increase the local economic value of our work, ensuring that the communities in which we work benefit both economically and socially. We will continue our exemplar record as a considerate contractor, working with communities to minimise disruption and risks.

2016 performance against our Total Commitments

Total Commitment KPI 2016  2015
Protecting people Accident frequency rate 0.14 0.17


Developing people

Voluntary staff turnover
13%  16%
Average number of training days per employee 3.9  3.4

Improving the environment
Total carbon emissions (tonnes of CO2e) 30,770  34,218
% of waste diverted from landfill 96  90
Working together with our supply chain % of total spend that is covered by Group-wide agreements 71  71

Enhancing communities
Number of suppliers and subcontractors participating in the Supply Chain Sustainability School 2,048 2,130
Number of projects using LM3 local multiplier tool 39  38